5 Ways to Automate Your House in 2020

What Is Home Automation?

A smart home or an automated home is one of the hottest topics in the housing market. Since home automation is a coveted add-on to a house, a few real estate developers have started to include home automation features in their properties. Automation gives the homeowner a centralized control and access to his/her house. It lets you have control of the electronic appliances, temperature, lighting, security, shades, and a lot more. The devices or appliances are connected to a common network and are controlled individually using System Management software.  This software facilitates the automation with the help of appliance controllers, temperature sensors, motion sensors, and other similar components. 

How Affordable Is a Smart Home Today?

With a growing demand from affordable buyers in the residential market, many residential builders offer properties catering to their tastes. However, these affordable houses are not limited to having mid-range features. In fact, they have evolved as affordable properties with luxury features. Similarly, home automation was once considered an unaffordable luxury of the middle class but has now started seeping down to budget homes as well. 

Home Automation now comes in a wide range of prices that start from 25,000 INR, serving high-end houses and budget apartments alike. Most of the real estate developers in the country now sell houses with built-in automation features. Even if your house isn’t automated, it takes only a couple of days to install the features. A 2 BHK apartment requires just 4 sensors, which can be set up for 35,000 INR, while the complete automation would only cost around 1 to 1.5 lakh. The greater the number of sensors, the higher the price; where the former is heavily dependent on the lifestyle. 

What Are the Benefits of Home Automation?

Live a Convenient Life

Home Automation brings the control of your house to your fingertips. You don’t even have to be physically present to do the tasks. You can turn off or dim lights or control temperature while you are away. You can also decide when your shades should come up; in the morning or when the temperature of the AC should drop or hike and so on. 

Have Reinforced Safety

Home Automation makes affordable home security a dream come true. You can now monitor your house from anywhere in the world. The sense of security that comes with home automation is priceless! It is the ultimate solution for doors left open or appliances left on. Stranded relatives can also enter your house with you giving them access from kilometres away. Likewise, you can also prevent someone from entering your house. 

Conserve Energy

A lot of energy can be saved if home automation is optimized thoroughly. There are a lot of ways to reduce power consumption in your house. For example, you can set the lights to turn off when you leave the room, thus saving a lot of energy. The smart thermostat can learn your temperature preferences and work on the most energy-efficient settings.  Mood lightings will also adjust your light settings and change according to your commands.


No appliance or device would be the last you ever purchase. The automation networks are so flexible that it allows easy integration of your devices and appliances. No matter how many devices you add on later, it is easy to integrate it into the main network.

5 Ways to Automate Your House

Security System

The security of the house is economically managed using smart home security features. The house will have a closed-circuit camera to monitor the house and its premises. The live stream can be accessed on smartphones. These features come with intrusion detection settings that work with motion sensors. The lights outside can detect motion and send out a warning to the residents. 

Smart Thermostats

High-tech thermostats help you control the temperature inside the house in energy-efficient ways. They come with climate control that adapts to your lifestyle and adjusts the temperature accordingly. You can also install apps on your smartphone to set your schedule and let the system know when you would be away from home. It will also set the right temperature for you prior to your arrival. 

Entertainment Systems

Integrated home entertainment systems are a hallmark feature of smart homes. A centralized remote can personalize the list of music, movies, shows, etc. It can also be controlled with voice. You can set the TV to turn on or off and even change channels using voice control.  It can also save your favourite TV shows so that you can watch them later.

Smart Utilities

Using home appliances are now easier than ever before. Air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators are all automated to boost convenience. Smart refrigerators tell the owner if it is running out of space or if a product is nearing its expiry date. Smart air conditioners let you control them from your smartphone, taking remotes out of the picture. Most smart ACs can work with Google Assistant.


Smart lighting allows you to control the lighting of your house using smartphones. It contributes to energy conservation and gives centralized access to all your lights. The lights could be turned off or turned on based on your requirement. These lights can be further enhanced using motion sensors and dimmers. You can now enjoy your movies in dim lights and also use a motion sensor to turn them off when a person leaves the room.

With the comfort and security it provides, home automation is gaining popularity among homebuyers. More people try to keep pace with the evolving automation trends by attending real estate events and exhibitions. Exposure to such events will help homebuyers in making an informed decision when they automate their houses.

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